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Lily Beaute Lash Academy

Eyelash extension technician training course

Lecturer: Yuria Kura

Honorary Lecturer, Japan Eyelist Association

BA Tokyo Eye Beauty Instructor

The purpose of our school is to have you learn correct knowledge and technology with the motto of safety and security.

Relearn from the professional course that aims to be able to actually do salon work and technical guidance from the basics to the profession, and those who are already providing technology at the salon. There is a custom-made course for those who want to review the place.


We apologize for the inconvenience, but we do not accept those who do not have a beautician license or who want to acquire skills as a hobby.


The textbooks used are both the basic and advanced official textbooks of the JEA Japan Eyelist Association.

Please be assured that we will prepare a starter kit for those who wish to take a professional course.

We will develop lash techs  who will impress our customers without causing accidents with reliable knowledge and technology.



Professional Training Course

¥ 374,000 (kit, textbook, tax included)

35 hours in total for departments and practical skills

Class schedule will be decided each time according to the degree of acquisition of each person. About 2 to 5 hours a day. The date will be decided by a meeting each time. The first half will be practice using a wig. The second half will be practice with a model.



Order-made Course

¥ 11,000 / 1 hour (from 2 hours)

Example) Please feel free to contact us if you have any requests such as 1 hour for how to use tools, 2 hours for tape work training, 2 hours for correct pre-care and wearing review course, 2 hours for department review training, 2 hours for lower eyelash training, etc.

Every courses require models. For this course, please bring your own tools.



Volume lash starter Course

¥ 11,000 / 1 hour (from 3 hours)

This is a course that specializes in volume lash. We will tell you how to choose the right product and give you tips on how to practice.





<About the current situation surrounding eyelash extensions>

The following is an excerpt from the Eyelist Association


While the eyelash extension industry is developing rapidly, repeated reports of health hazards caused by inexperienced engineers have been reported. Finally, in 2008 and 2010, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare stated that "eyelash extension treatment is a cosmetology based on the Cosmetologists Act." By interpreting "applicable" etc., it was notified that the eyelash extension technician must be a cosmetologist without exception.
In response to this, our association and eyelash extension related organizations told the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, "The current cosmetologist law does not comply with the current beauty industry, and at the same time, eyelash extensions that require specialized skills and knowledge are simply It should not be judged whether it is safe or not based on the presence or absence of a beautician license, and it is necessary to improve (revise) the law so that the treatment can be performed if certain criteria other than the beautician license are met. " After a long study session by experts for more than a year, it was obligatory to "register as a cosmetologist at the provider" and "obtain a beautician license from the provider" in order to provide false eyelash extension technology.
However, we believe that it cannot always be said that "= safe technology provision" by itself.
The JEA Japan Eyelist Association promotes scrutiny of correct information to be conveyed to engineers and support for obtaining a beautician license under the concept of "beautician license + correct eyelash extension skills = providing technology that can boast higher safety". At the same time, with the aim of continuing to train engineers with the correct skills, we hold seminars and skill tests all over the country, and other consumer protection activities for eyelash extension lovers to enjoy with peace of mind, and the eyelash extension industry. We are engaged in activities to protect the future of false eyelashes.


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