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yuria kura

Kura Yuria

Representative of Lily Beaute

JEA Japan Eyelist Association Honorary Lecturer

BA Tokyo (Tokyo Beauty and Life Sanitation Association) Eye Beauty Instructor

2010 Eyelash extension salon [AY LASH] opened

2011 Appointed director of Japan Eyelist Association

2011 Appointed as a certified instructor of the Japan Eyelist Association

2013 Inaugurated as an eye beauty instructor skill instructor

2015 NEEC Japan Eyelash Extension Contest Jury

2015 Appointed as a certified lecturer at the permanent headquarters of the Japan Eyelist Association

2016 Tokyo Beauty Association Gala de la Coiffure Jury

2016 Eyelash Extension Salon [Lily Beaute] opened

2018 Appointed Honorary Lecturer of Japan Eyelist Association


Since then, focusing on providing technology at her own salon

Through schooling and instructor activities of the association, I am  training the technicians soundly and working hard every day.

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