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-About measures against coronavirus infectious diseases-

Thank you for using our salon.

At the time of the state of emergency in Tokyo, many customers were unable to take care of them as usual, but thanks to everyone's cooperation, our salon is now reopening. However, we will continue to take measures against coronavirus infections. We have established the following measures.


① Thorough hand washing, hand disinfection, and wearing a mask when entering the store

② Thorough disinfection of appliances, linens and furniture for each customer

③ Thorough ventilation for each customer

④ Thorough management of my own health


We apologize for any inconvenience caused by continuing to do the above, but we appreciate your cooperation.

Lily Beaute is a salon where reliable lash artist provide reliable lash extensions.


At our salon, we will provide counseling carefully and will not perform unreasonable treatment.

We will make the most of our individuality while listening to our customers' wishes.

We will propose the most suitable eyelash extension as much as possible.

We provide safe and secure treatment by technicians who have more than 10 years of treatment experience.


LILY beaute representative Yuria Kura


■ (gia) JEA Japan Eyelist Association

Honorary lecturer

BA Tokyo (Tokyo Beauty and Living Hygiene Association)
Eye beauty instructor

Thank you for visiting our website.

Lily Beaute is a salon that offers relaxation time mainly for safe and secure eyelash extensions in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo since 2015. The person in charge is Kura.


Eyelash extensions have been popular for about 12 to 13 years, and in recent years there have been more variations of artificial lash such as volume lash, flat lash, and color lash, as well as single lash, and how to wear them (for example). Parisienne, bind lock, etc.) There are many original techniques of each manufacturer and salon. Basically, both menus can be treated at our salon.


Eyelash extensions have more ways to enjoy, but no beauty method can be done without good health. At our salon, we basically think that it is an eyelash extension and an eyelash perm only if the eyelashes are healthy, so we emphasize the physical condition of the customer and provide counseling on the design and number of eyelashes so as not to burden the eyelashes as much as possible. We will decide the treatment content. Therefore, if there is a problem with the health of the eyelash, or if there is a problem with the physical condition, we may refuse the treatment. Please note that. The same applies to facials and other menus.


Eyelash extensions are a wonderful beauty method that allows you to change the atmosphere on the spot. You can enjoy it semi-permanently if you take proper care of it. By all means, have a nice false eyelash life!

We look forward to welcoming you.




You can check the campaign and reservation status on LINE. @ lilybeaute https://line.me/R/ti/p/%40qed3320f

menu and price

Eyelash extension fee

Single lash / volume lash / flat lash / color extension are all the same price. Other salona's removal, our salon's removal fee is   included.

Includes changes to the eye pack sheet.


◇ First time

Up to 600  ¥ 11,000

From 600 to 1000  14,300 yen


◇ From the second time onwards

Total replacement ¥ 8,800

Up to 300 additional refill ¥ 6,600 (¥ 8,800 for 300 refill and up)







Eyelash perm

◇ Both eyes ¥ 5,500

Eyelash treatment

◇ Both eyes              ¥ 3,300

Facial treatment

◇ Cream cleansing-Foam cleansing-Ultrasonic treatment-High frequency treatment

A treatment for the entire face. About 30-40min.


Treatment only ¥ 4,400

Set with eyelash extensions or eyelash perms ¥ 2,200


Waxing (women only) Fee


◇ Both arms (wrist-shoulder) ¥ 4,400

◇ Both feet (ankle to thigh) ¥ 6,600

◇ Both armpits ¥ 2,200

◇ Nape ¥ 3,300

◇ VIO (all take) ¥ 6,600

◇ VIO (one part) ¥ 2,200

◇ Nose hole hair ¥ 1,100

◇ Face (one part) ¥ 1,100

◇ Whole face ¥ 6,600



campaign and coupons

Introduction discount campaign

There is a ¥ 500 discount for both the introducer and the customer who received the referral.

Please let us know the name of the introducer when you make a reservation.





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