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*Indiba®️ Treatment

*Re:DIVINE Tokyo Hair Growth/Beautiful Skin Regenerative Beauty


*Eyelash extensions

* Eyelash curl

*HBL Hollywood Brow Lift

*Wax hair removal

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LILY beaute

Lily Beaute Shimokitazawa

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beauty is not only skin deep

LILY beaute Shimokitazawa's philosophy

Beauty can only be achieved through health

Healthy and beautiful is our number one priority

Our goal is to pursue the beauty of each and every person.

Uses 100% human umbilical cord stem cell supernatant SGF-OK

Hair growth/beautiful skin/regenerative beauty

We have launched a new service for skin and hair.

Lily Beaute Shimokitazawa proudly offers a clinic-level [human umbilical cord stem cell culture supernatant] treatment that can be performed in beauty salons.

​You can achieve thinning hair care (AGA/FAGA hair growth) and beautiful skin without using oral medication that puts a strain on your internal organs! We will solve your problems with treatments that are unique to beauty salons and are painless.

List price: 55,000 (1 time)

Initial price 33,000

*Other tickets are also available.

Reservations made through Hot Pepper are a great deal!

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