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LILY beaute staff 


yurie kura

**/Kura Yuria.

2010-2015 Machida AY lash

2015-2022 LILY beaute

I worked as a beautician specializing in eyelashes for 13 years. Through beauty, I came to realize the importance of health, and discovered Indiba®️ when I received treatment for my own neck pain. I introduced Indiba®️ in the hope that more people will know about its wonderfulness. It has been very well received, and I provide my skills every day.

We offer eyelash extensions as well as the recently popular HBL Hollywood Brow Lift for eyebrow care. Our motto is beauty that looks good and makes you feel good, and we aim to create a salon that can be a place of relaxation for our customers.

Qualifications: Cosmetologist, Managing Cosmetologist, Honorary Certified Instructor of the Japan Eyelash Artist Association (JEA), BA Eye Beautician Instructor, IMAS International Medical Aroma Advisor

Specialty treatments: customized color lashes, volume lashes

miyuki kanno

**/Miyuki Kanno

2011-2015 AY LASH

2017-2022 Worked at a beauty school

After becoming fascinated with eyelash extensions and working in a salon as an eyelash technician, she obtained her cosmetology license and began working at her alma mater.

I was always suffering from stiff shoulders and back pain, and even though I went to various chiropractic and osteopathic clinics, there was no fundamental improvement. Then I came across Indiba®️ treatment. I wanted to share this experience with everyone who works hard at work and child-rearing every day, and to help them feel better.

When it comes to eyelash extensions and treatments around the eyes, we will make suggestions that are comfortable and tailored to each individual, while also incorporating the latest trends.

Qualifications: Hairdresser, JEA Japan Eyelash Artist Association Skills Certification Level 1, Aroma Touch Coordinator


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