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Eyelash extensions

What are eyelash extensions?

This is a beauty method that attaches one or more artificial hairs (made of a type of plastic called PBT) to each natural eyelash using a special adhesive (cyanoacrylate glue) to make the eyelashes look more gorgeous.

Choose the artificial hair to be attached based on the condition of your natural eyelashes and the design you want to achieve the look you want.

You can choose from a very natural finish to a finish that looks like fake eyelashes.

Treatments will be performed by two veteran lash technicians with over 12 years of experience; one is an honorary instructor of the JEA Japan Eyelash Technician Association, the other is the only one in Shimokitazawa to hold a JEA Level 1 Skill Certification License.

Are the materials used safe?

All materials, including artificial hair, glue, remover, pre-treatment agent, hardening accelerator, eye patch sheet, tape, tweezers, cotton, etc., are sourced domestically or from knowledgeable domestic manufacturers, and are used only after the therapists themselves have tested them.

Our salon is a registered beauty salon. Please rest assured that in the unlikely event of an accident, we are covered by the beauty association's insurance.


First time: 120 minutes unlimited use

☑︎Single☑︎Volume☑︎Flat☑︎Color Free combination

8,800 yen


Quick Repair (for customers who have visited within 2 weeks of their previous visit)

☑︎80 bottles included, no discount, 4400 yen

The all-you-can-add price includes removal at our store or other stores, cleaning, eye shampoo, high acid water treatment, and the cost of changing to an eye patch sheet.

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