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Opening Hours

155-0031 Tokyo, Setagaya-ku, Kitazawa 2-35-9 Otake Building 402


For emergency contact short messages



10:00 am – 20:00 pm


*We may not be able to answer the phone during treatment or when the customer is asleep. We would appreciate it if you could contact us by LINE or sms if possible. Thank you for your understanding.


Exit either the Central Exit (Inokashira Line) or East Exit (Odakyu Line) of Shimokitazawa Station and walk straight with your back to the station down the street between Mizuho Bank and Sarutahiko Coffee on your left. Along the way you will come across KALDI and Yoshinoya. At the end of the street there is a Family Mart, where you can turn left. Once you turn, turn right into the first corner, a narrow alley next to a general goods store called bleu bluette. As you go down the slope you will come to a shaved ice shop. When you come to a crossroads, turn right. Our shop is in room 402 on the fourth floor of the Otake Building, the second building on the right side of the street with a clothing store called FREEDOM on the first floor.

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