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Free your eyebrows

Men and women

Of course, the beauty you like is the best.

And cleanliness is absolutely non-negotiable.

You can have beautiful, hassle-free eyebrows.


My eyebrows are thin, I have no hair at the corners of my eyes, my hair is too thick...

I can't take good care of it.

HBL is your best ally in such troubles.

By making it easier to control the direction of your natural eyebrow hair, you can create a perfect eyebrow shape without cutting or shaving, making maintenance easier.

Thin, sagging eyebrows can make your face look lonely, but after HBL treatment your face will look livelier.

Some people even say that they look younger than their actual age!


Regular price 7500 yen Pair discount 13000 yen
Student discount: 6500 yen

*Can be combined with INDIBA®️/eyelash extensions/eyelash perm.

*Please note that we cannot provide treatment to those who have had skin peeling or eyebrow permanent makeup within the past two weeks, or those who are currently receiving treatment for a skin disease.

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